How Music4thought creates a personalized song

A personalized song is written, composed and sung based on a person’s emotions and feelings. Messaging plays an important part in a personalized song and it’s not easy for everyone to discuss their emotions and feelings. In order to get the messaging through the song correct, Music4thought representative conducts an informal yet structured discussion with the client to capture their messages and feelings. It is done in a very easy way.

Key feelings and messages captured through discussions are converted into lyrics for the song. Our lyricist plays a vital role in choosing the right set of words to portray the depth of emotions in beautiful lines.  A melody is then set to compliment the lyrics and enhance the feel of the message. It’s an iterative process until it’s perfect. This process usually takes 3-5 days. Based on the genre, mood and feel of the song, a voice is selected. A singer is called in to record the song under the expert guidance of music composer. Next, music producer steps in to add the required energy in the song. He does so by arranging the pieces of music together, i.e. introducing various musical instruments in the melody.

Further the recording is cleaned, mixed and mastered with the expertise of sound engineers and technicians to bring in the quality comparable to any Bollywood song. The entire process takes between 7-14 days.

Song production is a process and at Music4thought we collaborate to keep the vision of the song intact and make it a memorable piece of work.